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Members of the National Alliance of Home Visiting Models have worked together on issue briefs and presentations on a range of home visiting topics common across various models.

Alliance Brief on Implementation Learnings

Download the Brief (PDF): Lessons from the Field: Learning to Replicate and Take Quality Home Visiting to Scale reflects on the changes that models have made in their practice and operations as a result of the current policy context.


Alliance Brief on Centralized Intake

Download the Brief (PDF): C-Intake: Lessons Learned & Recommendations provides a synthesis of strengths, challenges, and lessons learned from state and local implementing agencies that have provided feedback about the development and implementation of C-Intake (centralized or coordinated intake systems), and offers recommendations to those considering development of or improvements to C-Intake systems.

Alliance Presentations from the National Home Visiting Summit

Download the 2018 Presentation (PDF): Addressing the Social Determinants of Health: The Role of Home Visiting 

Download the 2018 Presentation (PDF): Within Our Reach: Using Partnerships to Bring Home Visiting to the Most Vulnerable

Download the 2016 Presentation (PDF): The Ripple Effect of Research


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